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Quotes by Ethanol

Eyes like a car crash
I know I shouldn't look
but I
can't turn away.
Body like a whiplash,
Salt my wounds
but I
can't heal the way
I feel about you

Drop a heart, break a name; We're always sleeping in, and sleeping for the wrong team.

My secrets are burning a hole through my heart
And my bones catch a fever
When it cuts you up this deep

It's hard to find a way to breathe


And if you stay I will either wait
all night or until my heart
"When I met you, flowers started growing in the darkest parts of my mind"

have you ever...?
bold the ones you've done
sorry guys im bored

-graduated high school
-smoked a cigarette
-gotten so drunk you passed out
-rode every ride at an amusement park
-collected something really stupid

-gone to a rock concert
-helped someone
-gone fishing
-watched four movies in one night
-gone long periods of time without sleep

-snorted cocaine
-failed a class
-smoked weed
-dealt drugs
-been in a car accident
-been in a tornado
-done hard drugs
-watched someone die
-been to a funeral
-burned yourself

-ran a marathon
-cried yourself to sleep
-spent $200+ dollars in one day
-flown on an aeroplane
-cheated on someone
-been cheated on
-written a ten page letter
-gone skiing
-been sailing
-cut yourself by accident

-cut yourself on purpose (I've selfharmed, but not by cutting so)
-had a best friend
-lost a loved one
-shoplifted something

-been to jail
-skipped school
-skipped a class
-had detention
-gotten in trouble for something you didn't do
-stolen books from the library
-gone to a foreign country

-dropped out of school
-been in a mental hospital
-watched the harry potter movies
-had an online diary

-fired a gun
-had a yard sale
-had a lemonade sale
-actually made money at the lemonade sale
-been in a school play
-been fired from a job
-taken a lie detector test
-swam with dolphins
-gone to sea world
-voted for someone on a reality tv show
-written poetry
-read more than 20 books in a year
-gone to europe
-loved someone you can't have

-used a coloring book over age twelve
-had surgery
-had stitches
-taken a taxi

-seen the washington monument
-had more than five online conversations going at once
-had a drug or alcohol problem
-been in a fist fight
-suffered any form of abuse

-gone surfing in california
-had a hamster
-pet a wild animal
-used a credit card
-did spirit day at your school
-dyed your hair
-got a tattoo
-had something pierced
-got straight a's
-been on the honor roll
-known someone with hiv or aids

-drank alcohol
-cried when someone died
-felt someone up/got felt up
-kissed someone
-went farther than kissing someone
-been in love
-been heartbroken
-missed your ex
Let em talk, let em talk, let em talk, let em talk
Like we don't hear what they saying
Let em walk, let em walk, let em walk, let em walk
We'll just drive by and keep waving it



(( You’re just a sad song with nothing to say ))


K I L L   M E ?!
You couldn't even kill my boredom.


“ Sometimes the only thing you have to doubt is your own common sense.  ”