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Quotes by EvakiLoveYo

When a teacher
actually starts
teaching on
the first
day of


You come to LOVE

not by finding the PERFECT person,

But by seeing an IMPERFECT person


time is free
but it is priceless
You can't own it

but you can use it
you can't keep it
but you can spend it

once you've lost it

you can never  get it back


Sometimes the
smallest things
take up the most
room in your heart



I am a teenager and
getting out
of bed  is one of the hardest challenges of the day.

A person who loves you truly
will never let you go
whatever the situation is.

If people ever saw
Google search history, they would be like:
Life is very complicated.
Don't try to find answers.
Because when you find answers,

life changes the questions.
It's funny how when I'm loud,
people tell me to be quiet,
but when I'm quiet,
people ask me what's wrong with me.

How to find the name

of a song:
Google as many of the

words as you remember
and hope for the best.