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Hello, fellow wittian.
My name is Natalie.
I'm here to help if you ever
have a problem.
Feel free to comment me,
I dont bite (although, some
of my friends do) but that's
okay, cuz I dont.
Well, about me. I'm 15,
I live in Massachussetts,
I like soccer, animals,
coding, photography,
writing, reading, music,
A lot of things.
I'm generally a happy
person, but some of my
quotes are depressing
because, well, sh/t happens. 
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I haven't been on here in like a year whoops
This site gives me like, war flashbacks to middle school and its horrible ew
In my tumblr-ing travels, I have stumbled across something magical... The audio for one of the songs off the unreleased album! You're welcome guys, its right here:
It's pretty awesome.
Hey Witty
Who wants to help a friend out?
(that friend being me)
So, hey, witty, haven't talked to you guys in a while now
Life's been pretty great, although busy.
And, I have a boyfriend now. And he asked me to senior prom and help i dont understand how to do this stuff like what does one do like i dont even know what im supposed to do and i can't ask my friends because i'm a freshman and blah life is complicated help me? :)
Most People at Midnight:  ugh, I'm exhausted, I'm going to sleep
Me at Midnight: Right now seems like an excellent time to reorganize my desk that i haven't cleaned since 2010 and read a third of a 450 page novel.
Me: I should really stop talking to myself
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: ... I say
Me: ...To myself..

And then, I found out how hard it is to really change;
Even Hell can get comfy once you've settled in

That awkward moment when
I'm learning more new words from homestuck than I am from my honors english teacher
every dream
begins with a