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Fawnie1992's Favorite Quotes

if i let you in,
you'll just want out.

if i tell you the truth,
you'll fight for a lie.

if you follow me,
you will only get lost.

if you try to get closer,
we'll only lose touch.

Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would not want to do it any other way.
the memory of the first time you
held me in your arms is fading
day by day

i should have cherished it better
because little did i know, it was
going to be the last time, too


          i THiNK THaT We

                                    w o u l d  { a l l                            }  b e  a  l i t t l e  b i t  ♥     ♥     ♥
                                  if we celebrated new days like we celebrated 

         new years


  might not look
q u i t e  l i k e  

a natural


help but feel CONNED.  


       i'm only pessimistic
      BECAUSE  (( too often )) MY   +III+ 

gets confused with 



i hate him..

you don't hate him

you hate the fact that he's what all the girls want and you thought you could measure up but you didn't. you know how special he is to you. you know you've never met anyone who you can talk to like him. you know no matter what you're never REALLY going to hate him


how does it feel,

 knowing that you x  x  x 
( w i l l  n e v e r ) be good enough?



  ever lasts...