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*Freedom* 7 years ago
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MaddyWaddy 7 years ago
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yeah that's true but it just happens sometimes
what's new with you? you're in college, that's cool! what college do you go to?
nicolešŸŒ¹* 7 years ago
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Hi Jenafer! Pretty name!
That's cool. My parents almost named me Amber. xD
Where do you live?
seafoam* 7 years ago
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Yeah, I noticed that. All the drama was entertaining to watch from afar, but I had no desire to be involved. I do miss the huge population and constant activity; Witty felt more alive in those days. But I guess it's like a cozy little community now.
Thank you! I like your quotes too. (:
Feather 7 years ago
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| too sad to cry so she smiled |