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I refuse to sink
You can't stop me from rising. You can't bring me down.
And baby, the view's great from up here. 

About me: My favorite colors are blue and purple, my favorite animal is the raccoon, I love colorful jeans, and everything involving anchors.
I also adore animal print. I love reading novels, and short stories here on witty. I dance in my free time and play the piano.

My obessions include: Witty, Tumblr, Jack and Finn Harries, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, One Direction, The X Factor, The Voice, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran.

My tumblr: http://www.eugesalinas.tumblr.com 
My instagram: eugesalinas

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Quotes by FelicisFeather

knowing that someone actually gives a sh.t about me is one of my favorite things in the world
this is goodnight and not goodbye
You said you like running
because of the exercise
But we all know
You didn't mean
That kind of running
Because you run marathons
And races
But you run from
Your problems
People that you love
Your hopes,
And people that love you.

E.S. (mine)

When I was little my parents told me
Bad things happen to good people
I never really understood that until
I was at your house
And I heard your dad hit you
Or when
My sister's fiance cancelled
The wedding
Because he saw his high school sweetheart
At Starbucks
Or when I heard my old best friend
Got hit by a car and died
Right after she left her volunteer job
At the shelter
But I finally understood
When I came home
And saw a note on the counter
Saying "I'm sorry"
And I saw drops of blood and tears
Heading towards the bathroom



goodbye witty.
i'll miss you all.
see you in a month.
all that i'm after,
is a life full of
laughter, as long
as i'm laughing
with you.
how can i trust you
when i don't even
trust myself?
crying because of the huge hole in my heart because i miss you
is my mind at peace?
no, it's in pieces
i have been bent and broken, but - i hope - into a better shape.
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