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I am 17 years old and a senior in high school (whoot whoot!! :)) i love witty and all the amazing quotes people come up with <3 i'm always here to talk if you need somebody!!

Quotes by Foreverandalways13

Nice to know everything was a lie.
I cant believe you turned out to be "that guy."
That guy who says he cares and youre his everything but moves on like youre nothing.
That guy that made you feel special and wanted but now says he wants nothing to do with you.
That guy who said he loved everything about you but now says how nice it is to have somebody different.
That guy that said you were special and now acts like youre the scum on his shoes.
That guy that crushed you and shattered your heart.
Yeah, I cant believe you turned out to be
The guy i will never forget.
That moment when you see your ex doing the exact same things that you fell for with some new girl 
*At a gas station with my mom* 
Mom:You might lock the doors when i get out. 
Me: Okay but if i lock them and some creeper walks up im not unlocking them so you better figure out a plan for yourself. 
mom: I'll just go inside. 
Me: And leave me out here all alone?!?? Thanks mom!
Mom: Fine i'll ninja kick him!
Me: You'll ninja kick him??! Lol
Mom: Yeah. Does that make you feel better?
Me: Yeah i guess so. 
I gave you another chance and look where that got me. As broken and insecure as ever
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First day of school.. sit next to my ex in the best class i have. What a fantastic day -_-
The one person I trusted enough to tell about the few times I cut now throws it in my face every chance he gets, along with all my other mistakes.. At least now I know I really cant trust people
So I have a week left until school starts and summer is over. :( I want to do something super crazy that I will always remember because this is the last summer before I graduate. Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions?? thanks! :)
I'm tired of constantly setting myself up like this and then falling
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Why do I always have to fall for guys that will never like me in that way? I'm just gonna stop liking and talking to people for awhile..
You can keep tomorrow
We live for today
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