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Quotes by Forevermore

I think  

   t h a t  p o s s i b l y ,   m a y b e   I ' v e   f a l l e n   f o r   y o u .

I could never 

   l e a v e    y o u ,    c a u s e    n o    o n e    c a n    c o m p a r e . 

think I'm crazy, but all I want is you.
him was an accident. I had heard about him quite a lot in middle school, but had never actually spoken with him. He had been part of the "popular" crowd, which I had never even wanted to associate myself with. Sure, everyone wanted to be them, but it wasn't worth it to hurt others in the process. And, honestly, I didn't find them all that interesting. All they really did was trade of who was with who, and those are not the kinds of relationships I was looking for.
Freshman year was a different story. We ended up having World Geography together. And, lucky me, my assigned seat was directly in front of his. I couldn't help but notice how attractive he was, and every chance I got, I would turn around and talk to him. It wasn't that I liked him, he just seemed nice, and different than I had assumed. We talked the entire year, and ended up hanging out quite a bit, but only outside of school. What little relationship we had formed lasted all through the summer and up to our sophomore year.
Over the school year I had fallen for him, but decided that I had waited around long enough. If he wanted me in his life as more than a friend, he would have made some sort of an effort. Being "just friends" was much too painful for me. I cut off all communication with him, thinking it was for the best.
He came after me. He wouldn't leave me alone, and always told me how much I meant to him, and how he loved our friendship. Eventually he told me he wanted us to be more than that. I also confessed how I felt, and it seemed like things just couldn't get any better. But he still wouldn't ask me out. It hurt me so badly, and I wondered exactly how much more of this I could take.
Finally, we made things official, and he became my first boyfriend. He gave me my first kiss, and I was the happiest I had ever been. It's been almost five months since then, and we're in love and both truly happy.
And that is the beginning of what I hope to be our endless love story.
shall I go?
To the left where nothing's right?
Or to the right where nothing's left?
               He finally asked me out                                                        <3
               he can always make me laugh, even at the stupidest things. The way he wears sweat pants, and still looks amazing. The way he argues with me over things that don’t matter. The way he makes fun of me. The way he lets me tease him back. The way that I can tell him everything, and I know it will stay a secret. The way he tells me his secrets, too. The way he understands me. The way we like the same things. The way we disagree on things. The way he loves music just as much as I do. The way he makes braces look adorable. The way he makes everyday better, just by being around. The way he holds my hands when I say they're cold. The way he makes me feel when I’m with him. The way he can make me feel even when I just think of him. The way I want him more than anything in the world.
You know
that I like you. And I know that you like me.
Am I missing something here? Why aren't we together yet?
the moment when I was sitting beside him on the piano bench,
and he was playing a love song, and just smiling at me... I felt
amazing, and knew that nothing could ever get any better than this.  <3
 I was standing outside class with one of my guy friends after school was let out.
A random kid in his Spanish class comes up and asks if we're dating. I'm
just glad someone other than me sees how good we would be together.