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Hey there:) I'm Payton.
There's not much to tell you about me; I'm not all that interesting.

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Forevermore's Favorite Quotes

 the spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly.
   that's my favorite.

Right now I wish
You we're here ♥

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regular marriage and gay marriage
are like bikini tops and bras,
the exact same thing, except only one is allowed in public.

I want to hold your hand


A person that truly loves you
will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is.


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  if i'm in love with them?


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 right from
    ♥         THE START I KNEW


theflirtythings in life;

goodmorning texts. the 'i miss yous' he sends after you hangout
       smelling him while hugging.  belt loops, nuff said.
waking up in the  middle of the night, checking your phone and seeing one from him..
when he sings you a sappy song. when he sends you a smiley face.
when he tells you a story. hearing his voice.
wearing his sweatshirt to sleep when you go to the movies and just cuddle . 
having a laughing attack while he hugs you..
'i love you' text messages 
him not caring aboutyour lack of makeup. him not replying cause he fell asleep texting you
hugs from behind. and fallling asleep knowing you'll see him tomorrow.
making him laugh. watching your favorite movie with him..
goofing around together.  knowing his ticklish spot. 
kissing your cheek. those half smiles he gives when you share a secret.
when he tells you you're pretty. when he accepts your relationship request 
and thoseconversations that last til 3 in the morning. finding a picture of the two of you
when he whispers you a secret. the presents he made you. and hearing your song and smiling(:


'Cause I see
 whenever you smile ♥