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January 2nd 2012
Last quote ever. :/
- 2.29pm on 12/19/11, Steve started following me :D


15 years young, born on August 17th.
Lives in Chicago, proud American.
Taken by a beautiful girl named Melissa.
Loving life.
Battling cancer (brain tumor).
Loves my family&friends&girlfriend, skating, photography, video games, etc. :3
Comment on my profile, we can become best friends. <3
Hint; I like long comments. Even though I often respond with short comments because I'm an idiot and can never think of anything to write.
I'm not on Witty to flirt with girls, I'm here to inspire. (:
Want to know more? Ask.



Music player code credit goes to Sandrasaurus / I just changed the song. :3


My girlfriend's Witty :D

You should follow this girl. She's my best friend. And she loves kitties. Kitties are freaking awesome. :)


Quotes by FramingMatthew

Some people cut to take away the pain.
Me? I listen to music.   ♥


My girlfriend's Facebook status:
Matt [[me]] just made me a sandwich.. I knew I loved that kid (; ♥


I'm always happiest when she's in my arms.


Back in my day,
all of the girls liked Jesse McCartney, not Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson.

Anyone else remember this?


Do you think you're fat?
Don't try to starve yourself. That will not help.
All you have to do is eat healthily and exercise. Making yourself throw up everything you've eaten will make you even more sick.
Do you get called fat by idiots at your school?
Ignore them. They just want to see you fall.
Keep your head high. You are beautiful the way you are.


I just saw a quote on Witty
by a girl saying she found the real Brandon Cyrus on Twitter,
and he's never even heard of Witty...


Because you live and breathe..
Because you make me believe in myself, when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky ♥

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