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 Wassup people l'm Fay, and i basically do not come here anymore
enjoy ur life :)x



Quotes by Fay*

It's a metaphor,you see; you put the 
textbook in front of you , but you don't
give it the power to actually teach you anything
Met a friend on a bus
Now l have to take my earphones off
Wear shirt once : Dirty

Wear hoodie every day for three months : Still clean 
I'm in serious relationship with 
my WiFi .You could say we have
a... connection
*unplugs 100% charged phone*

*slides to unlock*

battery 43%
Mom : *Leaves the room*


Mom : "What?!"

Me: "Shut the door"
me: *falls down*
mom: what was that noise?
me: my shirt fell 
mom: sounded heavier than a shirt 
me: i was in it when it fell

pretty girl: I'd rather be called beautiful than hot
me: I'll take what l can get
you go to school nothing happens

you miss ONE day : 7 fights, tupac came back, school had a blackout &
rihanna performed in the cafeteria
The human body has 7 trillion nerves and 
some people manage to get on every single f*cking of them