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Math tests be like 

monkies eat 90 bananas per day 
how many elephants are on the roof? 

orange because zebras don't wear hats 

This is probably going to sound weird, but in my opinion, it's a good thing that quotes nowadays don't get as many favorites as they used to. 
Well, actually, it's both a good and bad thing. 
The few favorites on quotes really do show how not many people go on Witty anymore and that's bad. 
But now that there aren't much favorites on quotes, people actually write quotes to express themselves, make people laugh, or inspire people. 
They're not writing quotes just so that they can get a thousand favorites and that's a good thing. 
A long time ago, I used to care about the amount of favorites that I received on each of my quotes, but now I don't. 
Now, I wrote quotes to express myself and to make other people laugh or at least smile and that's how it should be. 


Fanfics on Wattpad b like...

hi, im alyssa martinez 
im 14 yrs old
i has blue eyes blonde hair tan skin and the body of a model but i still cry about how ugly i am 
my parens r rch and tey giv me erything i want 
i luv 1D they r lek so hot 
someway me n harry r gonna get marred and have babes 
i am liek such a spoled brat dat dis summer, aldoe I failed da 8th grde and was a bish to ma parens they got me 1D tckets!!!!!!!!
im so hppy! imgunna meet 1D!!!! 
me bae, april is c*ming 2!  
*at da concert* 

aldoe there was liek, a jillion oder pplz my bae harry locked his eyes wid myne 
he wnts me 
he wnts me body
he wants ma boooottaaayyy 
i knew i luked sexaii with ma face caked in makup n ma shorty shorts 
ater da concet ery1 waz gunning hme, expt me. 
i wsnt leafing util me and harry got 2gether 

aters note: plz like and comment fer nxt chaper and complement me on ma awesom righting if u no like me story den you a stupid h0e 

I have embarrassed myself to the point where I don't even feel embarrassed anymore. 
People feel embarrassed for me. 
Tbh, the only reason why I have social media is so that I can stalk my favorite bands on it. 
*First day of school after Winter break*. 

Me: A few days ago, I was a free spirit. 
Me: And now? Now I have to ask for permission to pee. 
I was once reading a horribly written story on Wattpad and in one of the chapters, the girl started her period early so she went to the bathroom to put on a tampon. Then, her boyfriend walks into the bathroom all casually and has a conversation with her as she is putting in a tampon. 

*At school*. 

Me: Is the test hard? 
Teacher: Not for me. 
Fun fact #2

The water that you're drinking was once used to flush the toilet. 
Fun fact #1 

Selfie and twerk are officially  real words and they have both been added to the dictionary. 
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