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ed sheeran is god.
cats are cool
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stay beautiful xox
be the person you look up to .

Quotes by GlitteredSandsx

i can't tell if it's the emptieness coming back.
and though the truth may vary, this ship willl carry on
and then he just brokeu up with me lol
my name doesnt matter .
my age doesn't either .
my age is pointless .
i just have one thing to tell you .
smie(: you're beautiful
&& who else was shocked
when you found out
Amanda Todd could sing ♥
time is what keeps
e v e r y t h i n g
from happenening all
a t   o n c e 
can someone please tell me any good books ?(:
and i dont get waves of missing you anymore;
theyre more like tsunami tides in my eyes
♥ My story//
when i was 5 my parents got divorced
when i was 6 my dad met a lady named kate
they fell in love
Feb. 14th she got driven to the hospital.
She had c a n c e r .
I cried because a year before that my friend died because of cancer.
The doctors said shed live
so now, i don't trust doctors.
Between the trips to the hospital she got diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer
i was such a woman to her
i hate myself for that/
By the time it was august. she was 98% better( :
but then christmas came and everything turned upside down.
they had to give her stronger chemo.
They told us she had a 60% chance..
then it didn't help so a stronger one was put on. 
they didn't tell us the survival chances because they were so slim
2/8/11 i got told shed have 2 weeks to live
i           B R O K E.
she was so tired all the time.
we had to put her on meds
she was back in the hospital for the 4th time.
her intestines twisted
We put her on stronger medicines and she went blind and didn't understand anything
she would always sleep
be up an hour and sleep the rest.
When i found out i wrote her a note
then later that month on March 4th, 2011
she died.
m y l i f e w a s c r u m b l i n g d o w n o n m e .
I told some of my friends..
but there was one who told her mom
i wanted to forgetin' shoot her. i told her not to tell anyone
and in one phone call she blurts it out
Later we got her cremated and i found a letter from her.
i still read it
my best friends ali and chrissy and dan are always there for me
we spread her ashes on the 28th of november.
Witty girls don't bully people becuase i haven't even gone through as much as danielle
so please don't put people down because you don't know whats gone on in their lives.
thanks for reading,