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ed sheeran is god.
cats are cool
Mainsss; Saraaaaaah<3 follwer ma girl. shes chocolate_Luver
shes gorgeous, go check her ouutttt
i like to parrttyyy
bestfriend is jess.
stay beautiful xox
be the person you look up to .

GlitteredSandsx's Favorite Quotes

The human mind is a powerful thing.
Not only can it destroy you, but it can turn you into the most beautiful thing in existence.


Lethe bridgeburn light the way.


credit to my beautiful Amenah♥


We are wittians.
We will rule the world.
We will rise to power.
Awkwardly taking over the world,
one click at a time

partly my quote
to be honest I'm more than a little bit amused by how a few months ago, most people on witty were like "omg taylor swift totally read my diary, all her songs are about my life!" and now they're all like "omg taylor swift has always been a slutty hoebag, I hate her."
lol my cat is licking my One Direction bag,
correction she is licking Harry's crotch on the
One Direction bag.
I think I should give her the talk.

Is there a right way for being strong?
s       e       m      g     s      l      g.

This quote does not exist.
Here's to the kids,
who's parents divorced
with blood battles forced.
Here's to the teenagers,
who's love was lost 
with a shattered heart as cost.
Here's to the adults,
who can't find a careerr
and search year after year.
Here's to the elders,
who's retirement funds were taken away
forcing them to struggle until the next day.
Here's to all of us,
who grow strong and fight
all for what we believe is right.

My mom never has to worry about me sneaking out
unless she moves the computer outside..