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Whats the point in living when you
dont have a story to tell in the end?

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Alex* 1 decade ago
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thanks, that means a lot :)
I'm straight but i support them because it's their life not mine and it doesn't really affect me.
And you should of said something, never be afraid always say what you want to say or else it would be un-said for the rest of your life.
GoneCra2y 1 decade ago
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Read, Reply, and Kiss Goodbye. <3

(Unless I like it)

Ok, you see that comment made by 'nevercutyourbeautiful'?
Well I absolutely LOVE that chick now. She's there and ACTUALLY trying to help people. She's taking the time to go around to peoples profiles and saying it to them, not just making a quite about it.
Someday she will save a life. I can guarantee it!
DoodleLove 1 decade ago
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Thanks for following back :3 You're SO pretty by the way!(:
nevercutyourbeautiful 1 decade ago
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Hello Beautiful!
If you ,
have an eatting disorder
dealing with bullying
or a bully
suicidal thought
family issues
or anxity.
Or even ANYTHING you wanna talk about or get off your chest
Im here for you.
thats what this account is for.
My goal in life is to save a life.
Stay Strong and Dream Big Beautiful!
redvelvetcupcake14 1 decade ago
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lol thanks
btw your page it really cool and your pretty :)
JennaBean 1 decade ago
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Btw pudding buddy! i love ya!
ImRightHere 1 decade ago
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You are beautiful
sjtrue 1 decade ago
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Your totally pretty by the way