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Heyo! I'm Aoife, or Gryffindor123. I mostly do jokes on witty. I love witty. Format credit to OHHSHANAPP. So, yeah, check out my quotes, fave, comment and follow :)

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Just found out I've been on Witty for more than two years now!
Write something clever

Einstein: Jocked

I should probably use a good, showy-off format that will attract attention...
Omg, what is that little cupcake, rock, cute thing that's just jumping before you preview your quote?! I mean, wtf, it's just smiling with a bow in it's hair, and it's jumping. WTF I'M SO CONFUSED STEVE.
It's a cold and broken cake
Someone in my class was making fun of suicide and r.ape. They were laughing about it. Laughing. Laughing. Ohmygod
We were playing bulldog, for fun. My friend tripped and fell, and suddenly he couldn't breath. His neck was banged against the bench, and someone stepped on his ribs. He could hardly breath, and he had to go to hospital. Please, pray that he'll be alright. Please
That awkward moment when your pants go on fire after you lie.
I didn't ask to fall in love with you,
It just happens, like everything else in the world