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i'm really only ever interested in
eating a lot of bread and pasta

she was bred in the summer, during the solstice; the longest day, the hottest day. she entered the world sunburnt, with a peeling nose and flaking scalp.

and she had never once felt the cold, burning was the default and scolding was the peak. thermometers always broke; glass in her mouth, spirits on her tongue. sometimes it hurt, and always it was exhausting.

even in the snow, stripped bare, her skin was flushed - red as an english rose, freckled and bright - she shone with perspiration; sweat trailing into the dip of her mouth, the taste bitter like acidic rain. the surface of her cheek streaked with evaporated tears.

When she cries, the room becomes oppressive - her very own amazonia, right in the heart of manáos - and I am left, stuck on the bed as i wait for the the rain to stop choking me with its humidity. She apologises so much, always with such sincerity, it leaves my throat sealed and my mouth parched like uluru during mai wiyaringkupai.

she laughs though, often and always, and these days are best. the room becomes clear, bright with a pleasant heat - a picture perfect postcard. i love her laugh, it is brash and unapologetic and it makes me feel the sun; this is gravely important, as i have never felt the heart of summer, just as she has never felt the cold embrace of winter.

i hold her hand, and it is so hot in comparison to my own, i swear i see steam emerge from the spaces between our fingers. She smiles wide and her lip cracks down the middle, as dry as paranal. i want to kiss her. i really do.

i bet she tastes like the solstice; the longest day, the hottest day.

because wanting gender equality is exactly like committing mass genocide
when girls say "I like nerds"
they mean nerds like this



This is for Gaza,
where ambulances are being bombed and destroyed, where hospitals and homes
and schools are being razed to the ground, where innocent people are suffering and
losing their lives to strangers, where newly orphaned children are crying, where laws
are being broken and western news reporters don't bat an eyelid because this is all part
of some 'war on terror'. It isn't. This isn't war. This is murder. Those are innocent people,
innocent citizens, innocent doctors and builders and fathers and mothers who are watching
their country being bombed to oblivion. Let the politicians turn their cheeks to the mess
they've made. Let them ignore the screams of burning children. Even if they do, we won't.
My mum just donated £3000 ten minutes ago. She's doing what she can. Will you, too?

This is for people won't stand seeing innocent children suffer.

Almost 4 years.
323 "comment points."

I got this page when I was a freshman in high school.
Now, I am going into my sophomore year in college.
From fifteen to twenty years old.
I want to thank my followers.
And everyone who has ever talked to me.
And to anyone who has noticed me.
I want to thank Steve, too.
I started out with only a few followers.
I don't remember when I gained so many.
But when Steve followed me, I felt accomplished.
And then when FramingMatthew followed me, I cried.
Because he took the time out of his only days left, and followed me.
And took the time to read my comment to him and tell me thank you.
This is just my thank you to everyone on here.
I've come a long way.
I've changed a lot in the last four and a half years.
It's cool to go back in my quotes and see my differences.
It's cool to see how many people appreciate me, too.

Thank you so much for the last four years.
5,000 quotes later and I'm okay.
I don't know if I'll ever hit 10,000, but if I do, it'll be cool.
It'll take longer than four years, but I feel like I want to do it.
Even if I will be forgotten and even if everyone from now leaves.
A lot of people left from when I first got on here.
It's just how life goes.
So I hope years from now, you come back here and see my quotes.
I hope that I'm still posting them.

Thank you, guys.
Until next time - you mean a lot to me.

The advice I’ve always been given is to see the world for all it has to offer before I settle down, though I never understood it. I cannot imagine seeing foreign places and cities without you in them, I want to be adventurers together, create one story to tell our children, I want to cover the entirety of the earth in two pairs of footsteps.
Beau taplin, Wanderlove

You’re itching to be on your own.
You don’t want anybody telling you what time
you have to be in at night or how to raise your baby.
You’re going to leave your mother’s
big comfortable house and she won’t stop you,
because she knows you too well.
But listen to what she says:
When you walk out of my door,
don’t let anybody raise you — you’ve been raised.
You know right from wrong.
In every relationship you make,
you’ll have to show readiness
to adjust and make adaptations.
Remember, you can always come home.
You will go home again when the world
knocks you down — or when you fall down
in full view of the world.
But only for two or three weeks at a time.
Your mother will pamper you and
feed you your favorite meal of red beans and rice.
You’ll make a practice of going home
so she can liberate you again — one of the greatest gifts,
along with nurturing your courage,
that she will give you.
Be courageous, but not foolhardy.
Walk proud as you are.
maya Angelou, Letter to my Younger Self


                     Vodka burns my throat but your
                     name hurts my head, so I would
                     rather black out with a hangover
                     than stare blankly at my hands 
                     trying to forget what it was like
                                   to touch you.

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What kinda detergent do
you use
I don't mean that in a
weird way
Like I'm not gonna go to the supermarket and inhale the scent of the detergent you use and think about you
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