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Heyy Im Hayley(:
And Imhere bcz of Emmitt
Hes told me a lot about witty
and It sounded fun(:
Go follow
Because that  beastie is an Angel
and You'll love him(:

My bands >.<

My Chemical Romance,
Pierce The Veil,
All Time Low
 Sleeping With Sirens
 Green Day
, , Panic! At The Disco,
Bring Me The Horizon,
Fall Out Boy
Metro Station
 We Came As Romans
, , 3OH!3
, The All American Rejects
, , Mayday Parade
, Good Charlotte
, Linkin Park,
, Thirty Seconds To Mars
, Three Days Grace
, , 3 Doors Down,
Falling In Reverse,
Guns N Roses
Black Sabbath


Quotes by Hayley_Lovvvve090

When B!t.ches. Have got you down
the best thing u can do is Smile
Nothing offends your enemies more than knowing your Happy(:
Putting Mascara On with our Mouths open...

Or is That just me?

Everything About you is Bloody beautiful
B!t.c.h You know nothing about me

So Stop judging


Once upon                          a time
I will be your Rapunzel                 If you be my flynn Rider
Ill be your cinderella                     If youll be my prince charming
Ill be your Tiana        If you be my navine
Ill be your princess            if youll be my frog
If you be my prince
I be your princess
Happily ever
I am A Princess

This is A fairytale

And your my happily Ever After

Now the word out on the street is

The Devils in your kiss

If our love goes up in flames

its a fire i cant resist

If You Needed me

You wouldnt have Let me go