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Quotes by Herown

If you listen
Hard enough
You can hear
The thunderstorm
Raging beneath my
Soft flesh
It crackles to life
Every single time
Your hand brushes
Against mine

"...Sometimes You Don't Have To Be Mean To Hurt Someone..."

It would be a dream come
To reality
To find myself lost with you in
Another vicinity
Lets pack our bags, we just need
The essentials
And take the first flight as far away
As possible
Because there is nothing left to hold
Us back
We could learn how to climb the
Towering trees
That grow upon the tallest peaks and
Right afterwards
We could dive into the deepest depths of
The Oceans
Explore caves and swim to the edge of
The Sea
The Sun will wave hello when we emerge from
The deep
And as we watch the moon rise, much like that
First time
We will remeber the long journey our feet
Has carried
Us, from the thin air to the thick sea, and evey
In between
And maybe that will be the moment we
Finally understand
What it means to be in love all over
The Earth

"...Left your head up,
See the field beyond the trees,
This battle is not yet over,
The war still rages on ahead,
So pick up your sword,
And rise up to the challenge,
There is a bloodbath awaiting,
And its your calling to be there,
It will be a tough and hard battle,
But one that can be won,
Take my hand, I will pull you up,
Stand with me as my brother in arms,
Together we will slay the monsters,
That have dared invade our lands,
We will show the world our victories,
And all who wronged us shall tremble with fear..."


The evidence was in the way
your nose would
And how the right side of your
Would always rise a bit higher
Would giggle but I knew that
Jokes aren't something you always
But to be honest I don't think I
Do either, but I love hearing you
I never really did like nail salons
Or gold and diamond studded jewlery
It reminds me of my father
Who has always thought
That the best way he could show love
Was in the numbers stamped on a price tag
The materal wolrd filled with materialistic people
Trying to buy what can not be bought
Just give me something that
You haven't thought to give,
Lets make memories
And collect them like currency in a jar
Thats on top of the fridge
And every year we can cash them in
And see all the things we have gotten
Without ever wasting a penny on them
Because if there's one thing that is priceless

It is the love that is given not bought
Just hold me
No words need be said
Because when you wrap
Your arms around me
Everything makes sense

And it was like one day
she sat down and decided to
see how far away she could
get without ever really leaving.
The evidence was in the far away
look that coated her irises,
looking without ever seeing.

The meaning of life
The purpose of existence
Looking up at blue vastness
Maybe I'll find a few answers
Or a few more wistful wishes
Getting high like the clouds
Lungs puffing it out
The trains going astry
A break malfunction
But who needs to stop
When we're heading
To the same destination
The meaning of life
Is seaching for the
Purpose of existence
But existence becomes meaningless
When you're living to die
And dying to live

The light can't make up its mind
On either to be a light or just let it be dark
It flickers from the ceiling of her closet that has no door
It's a closet full of all kinds of things
That she has collected over the years
Theres a brown box full of faded pictures
Another full of rusty old toys
There's a pile of dusty, torn stuff animals laying in the corner
Who have retired from keeping
All the monsters and her demons at bay
On the shoe rack is her skates she's barley ever worn
Because she could never figure out how to go forward
Without her always falling down
Underneath her battered shoes are all her unfinished dairies
And letters she never sent
Against the far wall beneath the still hangs the blood red prom dress
That never got the chance to sweeped across dance floors
Stacked against all four walls
Reaching up from the floor to the roof
Are all the books that ever made her cry or laugh
Or really felt anytype of anything
The brown carpet is stained
And there's a corner that was never stapled down
And what lays underneath
Is a folder full of secrets the world must never know
Its a closet full of new and old things
Memories of times that are either best left forgotten
Or never to forget
Its a closet
But its full of


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