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Quotes by Herown

The price payed is higher than marked
"The price for our sins," they exclaim, "is more than expected!"
But what did you think would happen
When dealing with the Devil
You thought he just wanted your soul
But that was just the down payment
The real entertainment is making a life living hell
And tossing out small glimpes of heaven
As constant reminders of what you lost

You were the calm sea
Enticing me to take a swim
But when I had dived in
I found out that you were
The jagged rocks that layed
Just beneath

A simple peice of printer paper
Stapled to the wall
Watches the hustle and bustle
Of clamoring teens crammed in the halls
From eleven to three
A streak of sunlight
Drowns the sheet of pink
And when the days have passed
And the kids have left
All that remains
Is a simple, faded pink paper
Stapled to the wall

"It is what it is.
You get what you give."

"I've got a war in my head."

You are just finding new ways
To say the very same things you were just saying

And so

Castles made of sand,

Fall into the sea,


we're like paper ships
so convienced we are made for the sea
and yet the water will be our biggest regret

Your biggest adventure is waiting.
So why are you hesitating?
"Come on," It beckons, "It is time to go!"

Lets just drift away

Like small boats

Casting off for the big adventures

That await past these tidal waves

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