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every time  are eyes meet,
this feeling inside me, is almost more than i can take.

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You don't want me anymore.
I          understand          now...

My heart is broken. My best friend in the whole world has leukemia. Doctors say she only has until May....thats only one month. She still has a chance of surviving. I'm not going to ask you to favorite. But I am going to ask you to please, please, please, pray for her. I don't know what I'm going to do without her.

Every time I see him I get extreme butterflies
& my stomach flips like a downward slope on a roller coaster.
My heart pounds & adrenaline races through me.


Please ♥ if that happens to you too? Am I the only one?



From now on, I am going
to burn every bridge that
I cross, burn every little piece
of evidence of the path I was
once on, so I can get lost
somewhere beautiful.
Somewhere beautiful where
I lie in the sun, where I can
have sweet, peaceful dreams,
where I can watch the river
flowing, the grass growing,
where I can stare at the clouds..
A beautiful place where I can
wear nothing, and feel completely
comfortable, a beautiful place,
where I can be me.

I'm starting to think that this
beautiful place is only found
inside my mind.



&All I want ;;
I   s    t   o    j   u   s   t    b   e     h   a   p   p   y     a   g   a   i   n  . . .

Stop complaining about your out of place hair, or your broken nail.
Just be grateful that your actually beautiful.

Confession #20 ;
-Why Are You Writing This-

I was hoping maybe it would help me figure out how to help myself ....it didn't.