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Welcome to my profile thingy,
So I expertize in being awkward.
I don't go on here much anymore.
I write. I read. I eat. I observe.
Yup. Basically my whole life at the moment..
I beleive I'm too accident proned to do much.
Waiting for someone to accept who I am.
See ya I guess whoever you are.

Quotes by HinataUsagi

You, know what?
I'm through with you.
It'll take a while, but it'll make my life alot easier.
Everytime I get on witty. It feels like their is a bunch of quotes that describe exactly how I feel.
Most girls are the princesses who want a knight in shining armor.
I'm the one peasant girl who expects a prince charming to see me, realize I'm the one and fly from his castle window to propose.
We all complain about
"being single," or "not having boyfriends"
But really we don't just want any guy
we want him
Okay so,
Today my crush/guy friend gave my friend a sweaty hug in front of me
and then he looks at me ( btw he doesn't like to give me hugs).
so then he takes his hand and swipes it across his forehead and rubs his sweat on my forehead...

I don't know if this is some sort of weird special treatment or punishment

Me- posts a quote
2 days later
Me -gets on witty
Me- sees two more faves
Me- wow.. I'm still bringing in the doe..


I'm the unappreciated friend.
Right now, I feel so messed up.
Maybe it's cause I couldn't finish the project that's due tomorrow, but I'll have to turn it in late.
Maybe it's because I'm heartbroken from a man who could care less.
Maybe it's because my good guy friend got mad at me like he never has before.
Maybe it's because right when I start to like someone who might be worth my time my best friends already wants him.
Maybe it's because she'll always have better chance with him then I ever will.
I just don't know.
Is it okay to keep hoping he'll turn around and fall for me like I fell for him?
I like Witty, because I get to say the things I'll never have the guts to say in person