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If your a girl, and insecure, check this out:

I'm trying to help.

 Where your judged on what you wear. Who you hang out with. Where you go. Who you date. Your bullied for being yourself. You don't know how to express your feelings because you think there's no one you can trust or your scared of what they'll think.
We can't change the society we live in, but we can change he way we react to it. Don't listen to those low-lifes who bring you down. Your mazing, just the way you are. Why should you care what they think? Because they're popular? It means nothing, they think they have the power to knock you down. It's time to get back up onto your feet, and show the they can't get to you. Your beautiful, never forget that.


you, yes, you

scrolling through the break up qoutes wondering what went wrong or looking through the love qoutes remembering how you used to be. stop it. stop crying stop reading its his loss your beautiful and dont ever forget that. stop playing your song on repeat you can only make it worse. dont worryu one down the rest of your life to go. now go wipe that smuged mascara of your face infact take all your make up off. i dare you. now look in the mirrow he's missing out on something beautiful. and it will only get better in time stay strong beautiful!



We go together,
Like Sand and Sea.
I support you and you support me.
Without one another, we would be

is something on your mind?
something you're trying to hide from other people?
they'll think of you? Why should
You care what they think. Tell someone
what's bothering you. it doesn't have to be loads of people, just one person, maybe your best friend. And if they don't understand, they aren't a true friend. because talking helps. it's like
medicine for the heart

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Letters to:
Day 1-Your crush.
Day 2 - Your Best Friend.
Day 3 - Your Parents.
Day 4 - Your Sibling. (Or Closest Relative.)
Day 5 - Your Dreams.
Day 6 - A Stranger.
Day 7 - Your Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Love/Crush
Day 8 - Your Favorite Internet Friend.
Day 9 - Someone You Wish You Could Meet.
Day 10 - Someone You Don't Talk Too As Much As You'd Like Too.
Day 11 - A Deceased Person You Wish You Could Talk Too.
Day 12 - The Person You Hate Most/Cause You Alot Of Pain.
Day 13 - Someone You Wish Could Forgive You.
Day 14 - Someone You've Drifted Away From.
Day 15 - The Person You Miss The Most.
Day 16 - Someone That's Not In Your State/Country.
Day 17 - Someone From Your Childhood.
Day 18 - The Person That You Wish You Could Be.
Day 19 - Someone That Pesters Your Mind. (Good Or Bad.)
Day 20 - The One That Broke Your Heart The Hardest.
Day 21 - Someone You Judged By Their First Impression.
Day 22 - Someone You Want Too Give A Second Chance Too.
Day 23 - The Last Person You Kissed.
Day 24 - The Person That Gave You Your Favorite Memory.
Day 25 - The Person You Know That Is Going Through The Worst Of Times.
Day 26 - The Last Person You Made A Pinky Promise Too.
Day 27 - The Friendliest Person You Knew For Only One Day.
Day 28 - Someone That Changed Your Life.
Day 29 - The Person That You Want Too Tell Everything Too, But Too Afraid Too.
Day 30 - Your Reflection In The Mirror

We've been together for 16 days now, but we did used to date! All i can say is i love you to bits, you are my world.
Holly xxxxxxxxxxx
You and me, we're partners in crime.
I'll steal your heart and you'll steal mine.

It will be the 10 year anniversary of the tragic
10 years since loved ones died.
10 years since children had to grow up on their own.
10 years since terrorists finally got what they want.
10 years since America was silenced.

America didn't deserve this, and soon they will re-live the moment. But this time it will be different. America got their justice at the beginning of May, and now we know, those innocent lives that were taken, finally get to rest in peace.

[♥] This for those lives changed 10 years ago.

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Should i continue writing my story?


Don't Hate People Because They Jock Your Quotes,
Love  them because they thought  they were good enough.