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Hello, it's Stephanie.
I am a girl living in the USA who loves horses, horseback riding, and reading. I am a quiet person but I love to be with friends. My favorite singer is Demi Lovato. I am on here to write funny and random quotes. Almost all my quotes are mine, please don't copy. Thank you

Quotes by Horselover00

I never knew.
The people in your class, you don't really know them. I found out that a girl in my class was ignored by her parents and her mom died of cancer when she was 10. She now lives with her grandmother.

...I just never really... knew.
Be random. Be weird. Be who you are. Because you never know who will love the person you hide.

--nmq, but i love it--

Comment if you thought "Games."
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Me when school started...

Me: Hey... I completely forgot you existed...
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
Prayed the girl 5 feet away from a great white shark.
Sometimes, I look at my quotes and say, "How is this not a top quote?" And then I'm like, "Oh yeah... cause I made it."
What if there is a sound recorder in your shower, and everything you sing is uploaded to YOUTUBE?
You know the mental illness checklists people quote about on witty? I saw one. All filled out. (except the bullying thing). This girl is 10. Only 10. This just about made me cry.
WHY I LOVE MOBILE WITTY: Two words. Vent. Catagory.
When you see these old quotes that say "just me?" and with 0 faves or comments, and you think yeah... just you.