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Hai, Im Me.
I Can Quite Positavley Say:
"Im Not Changing For No One, To Hell With It If you Want Me To Change. IM ME."
If You're Going To Hate
I Get That Sh*t Enough In Life Anyway.
i dnt spk lyk dis
I sp3@k l!k3 th!5
Joking, ThatsJustAnnoying.
Forever In LoveWith A Guy That Will Never Love Me Back.
I Dont Make Typos; I Make New Worfds.
Im Not Boring;
I Just dont Get How To Make My Profile Pretty
I Can Change Colour Like
Technically a Chameleon

Be Wierd Like This(Be wierd like this)

Be Normal Like This
oR jUsT gO fReAkInG cRaZy.
Im not you're average joe.
Around Strangers I'm Strange
Around Lads I'm Strange.
Around Family I'm Strange
So yeah.. Im strange.
Around My Friends I'm A Hyper Moose.
Yeah.. So....
iM nOrMaL
Very Sarcastic,, Like All The Time.
Anywho Is Almost Definatly My Favorite Word,
Alond With Sh*t,
Which I Say ALOT.
I'm An English B*tch,, Just To Be Different.
PooHead Is An Adjective.



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