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Hey im savannah,
just a teenage girl
trying to get by
and make it through this
terrible and lonley 
thing we call life.
my friends think im fine and so happy..
but i cant remember what being happy feels like...
i cant remember the last time i stayed happy for longer then a couple minutes..
i dont understand whats wrong with me
i dont understand why i am the way i am
i dont know why its so hard for me to be happy
its hard for me to talk to people
its hard to show how i actually feel


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Is anyone out there...?
can anyone hear me..?
invisible on the outside..
empty on the inside..
alone in every single way...
nothing feels like home..
I am done trying..
it gets me nowhere..
im just a teenage girl..
trying to make it through this thing called life..
as it drains you and breaks you
until you can hardly breath 
and you wish it would just finish the job
right here
right now
but at the last second 
it losens its grip
and the the whole cyle starts over again.
being happy is rare
and as days go by
its becoming more and more rare
you think to yourself that you cant be happy
its impossible to be happy
impossible to stay happy
something is wrong and you cant seem to figure out what it is
i know i should talk but i dont know how
i say a few words and everything starts crubling down
like im climbing a mountain and i get to the top 
and as i reach for the last rock
i slip
and fall into a black hole of darkness
and saddness
but this happends everyday
nothing new
the black hole is becoming stronger 
as it pulls me to the center
and soon
I will be lost forever

why is it so HARD just to be HAPPY for the shortest of seconds?
Me: guees what happened to me today
My crush:what
Me: i got attacked by a rooster
My crush:oh
Me:i get attacked by a rooster and you say oh, yeah love you too:p hahaa
My crush:hahahah lol sorry that really sucks are you ok babe your not hurt are you :)

hahaa I like the second responce better<3

Sometimes life
feels like
it is a big nightmare
that you never wake up from
Its as though everyone is becoming unhappy,
The world is becoming such a terrifying place for people,
they cant be happy,
its hard for people to become happy,
its hard for people to stay happy,
the happy people..
are becoming very rare..
i cant stop crying..i dont know what to do..
my best friend in the whole world..we have known eachother since we were in dipers..
he started cutting..
hes so depressed..
hes even pushing me away
and hes not even telling me this stuff..one of his best friends is tellling me..
im crying my eyes out..
i dont want to lose him </3
Im such a freaking mess up!
i say everything at the wrong time!
i ruin my friendships and relationships!
i want to curl up into a ball and just die..
or sleep my life away and never wake up..
im a mistake..
i bet everyone would be so much happier if i wasnt on this planet anymore!
jeezzz..why cant i do anything righttt!!
sitting in my closet, 
trying not to cry..
im torn apart and nobody cares..
im alone on my own with no one to talk to..
my ex/best friend hates me and wont talk to me..
he wont even tell me what i did wrong..
but i guess i found out the reason today..
im ugly..
i got called an ugly ho by someone i dont even know..
as i sit here and try to to cry..
i can feel myself slowly dieing inside..
my lifes falling apart and spiraling out of control..
everythings my fault..
now..i dont want to go to school..
i dont want to be home...
i wish i could just run away for awhile..
get away from everything in this horrible world..</3