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Welcome to the galaxy
we're never coming back..
Names Cally.
Age; 21 years 
Birthday; 19th April 

We Just Grew Up.



Quotes by Forever Hers*

This site has lost its love. How Sad.
I remember when the tops quotes had 300 odd likes... Now the top likes is 5...
Just because you have make up on doesn't mean your not beautiful on the inside
I dont forgive people because they are weak,
i forgive them because i'm strong to
know people make mistakes 
They Say True Love 

Can Happen at any unexpected moment 
hehe :3 
Me:  you know the storms recently   XxCianneLovesYouxX:  Yeah
Me:  its only happening because the heavens above dont like us not being together x  

Thank you for 
choosing me 
over everyone 
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They said we are to young to understand love 
But Maybe 
They are too old to understand us ...

having you in my life 

is the best thing ever

if you leave 

my life not worth living for