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I miss you Gabby.
Forever love


Quotes by InOneMoment

i love driving
when i get in my car
and turn that key
i feel infinite
as if i could go on
put my foot down
and never look back
just forget everything

sometimes i drive in circles
because i don't want to get
where i'm going
see faces
pretend to be happy
i'd rather just drive
with the music so loud
it drowns out my thoughts
my feelings


And he loves me
more than i love him
and it scares me
because i dont want
to hurt him
like others
have hurt me


When its the middle of the night
And I'm trying to fall asleep,
I need to have some background noise.
If a murderer is going to sneak in
And kill me,
I don't want to know.
As silly as it sounds,
I wouldn't want to spend my last moments
Terrified out of my mind
I would rather just slip away


Don't you love how they spend all of middle school
telling you to not do drugs
and then they spend all of high school
giving you surveys asking how often you do drugs

From my SAT vocab cards:

A witty remark or sentence

my biggest fear isn't dying
its trying to commit suicide
but failing
and having to deal with the aftermath


too many reasons to die
not enough reasons to live


I've stopped wearing chapstick.
Whats the point of having soft lips
If he's never going to kiss them?

I'm so afraid of being scared that I'm terrified.

Silly girl,
Boys are for $luts!