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Hello, lovely

My name would be Farah Ariana; fay, ari, ana, whatever works for you.
I'm 18 and currently am having my gap year exploring mother earth and trying new things.
I'm a huge music junkie! Lorde, Lana, Vampire Weekend, Imagine Dragons, 1975, The Weeknd, Jimi Hendrix, anythinggg! From indie, to rock, to
hip hop, to rap, I'm just a huge fan of music and I like a little of everything. :)
Due to the fact that I am having a gap year, I tend to be quite busy traveling and taking advantage of my free year so I go absent every few weeks because of that.

Please feel free to speak to me as I'd love to talk to you guys and am always open to meeting new people, so don't be shy!! I've met some incredibly lovely people on witty and can't wait/would love to meet even more!

Now here's a mini gallery of my life. :)
My sister Mace and I!
Getting my first ever tattoo!! ;)
My first ever tattoo! <3

Other sister and I, Selma <3
My baby nephew and I! This kid is the love of my life.
Older sister, Reem and baby nephew! <3
Family group hug with my cousins!
Baby me and Mace!! (I'm on the left).

I'll update this 'gallery' whenever I remember to, LOL!





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We're Americans.
We have freedom. We spell words like "favor" without that useless "u." We don't have cool accents. We say "mom" instead of "mum." We have some of the biggest idiots ever. And our existence just písses most people off.


I think it's extremely cute when..
  your guy best friend comes up to you from behind 
and he coves your eyes, and says ''guess who?''  
and I think it's really cute when a guy says to a girl
''would you do the honour of being my girlfriend''
instead of, ''go out with me''
 I think it's really cute if a guy says ''I love you''
Instead of 'ily'
and I think its cute if a guy calls their girl ''baby''
instead of  the simple ''babe''

I  really really do...
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One generation plants the trees, the next eats the fruit.

Which one are we?


one hundred million twinkle lights in neon blue.