Status: Torn, broken
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Location: Not in his arms </3
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Hello Beautiful :) I'm Jacquelyn, i'm 15 years young and i live in California :)
instagram: jacquelyn_woodworth follow me?
LOVES: One Direction<3<3<3
Louis Tomlinson
Harry Styles
Liam Payne
Zayn Malik
Niall Horan
Ed Sheeran
Cher Lloyd
Justin Timberlake
Demi Lovato
Harry Potter books and movies!
The Beach
The City
My Bed (we have a great relationship)
Dirt Bike Riding
New York
Tanning (even though i'm so white it doesn't work! )
Late Nights
Skinny Jeans
The Ocean
Big Citites
Well, i'm insanely shy at first, but once you get to know be i open up and you can see the real me. i LOVE to sing. i will be auditioning for the X Factor next year <3
i suffer from  depression, anxiety,  dyslexia, and bipolar disease. i cut myself even though i have been trying not to.
Last cut 1/16/13

my all time favorite Witty people are hateandlove (my beautiful, and amazingly perfect friend eilish who i'm friends with on and off of witty)
Stephen1964 (you are so amazing and so perfect. you make my day with every message and i love you to pieces)

Quotes by JJLovie

"Your idol can save your life But you can't save their's"
This really hit me
I knew one day you'd leave
they all do
why do i do it?
why do i push everyone i care about away?
i just lost the one person who i felt i could tell everything too
now i'm alone
is there any witty girl that is willing to help me with guy problems? i always feel so alone and i wish i knew how i could handle him...
Is it possible to love someone TOO MUCH?
I'd rather be with you for a minute, than be without you for two <3
I want to make you feel wanted <3
I just want to wrap you up, kiss your lips, i want to make you feel wanted. i want to call you mine, want to hold your hand forever. never want you forget it, yeah i want to make you feel wanted