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Hey my names Jenessa. I love smiling & listening to my music. I love one direction!! I'm a 15 year old girl who has guy problems :) usually always in a mood to cheer people up! Always here if you need to vent. Follow me & i'll follow back. Follow my best friends arose15 & bri321dancer crazy13! Taken<3 

Quotes by Jen07676

~Someday i'll be living in a big ol' city, and all you're ever gonna be is mean~
I think i like you, like a lot.
Today he:
-Invited me to his house over vacation
-Invited me to watch a scary movie at his house
-Asked me if I wanted to cuddle with him

You do this to me over & over. We fight for a while, eventually I can't be without you any longer & i'm the one who ends up apologizing. Everytime this happens. You hurt me so much & you don't even care.
~Everyone please take a second to read this~
We all have different opinions about things, different taste in music... Like me for instense, I love one direction. No, I don't think they're perfect, but that's exactly why I love them. They are real, they act themselves and don't let other people change them. I know you're sitting hear saying "Omfg one direction isn't talented and blah blah blah" if they weren't talented they wouldn't have came in 3rd on xfactor.. they wouldn't have gotten tons & tons of awards. They wouldn't have millions and millions of girls crying fainting an obsessing over them. I don't say you HAVE to like One Direction, but show some respect please. I don't make fun of your opinions of music... They're living their life right now: rich, famous, successful... and sorry to break it to you... but while they're probably getting chased by fans right now, you're reading this so.... think about that..
No hate please! Just saying my opinion..
Anyone else have a heart attack when you're waiting at a restaurant and that little buzzy thing your holding goes off?!?
Me: *Reaches into bag to grab skittles*
Him: *Grabs my arm* Jenessa?
Me: *Makes eye contact* Yea?
Him: You are beautiful, both inside & out. I've been meaning to ask you this for a while... will you go out with me?
Me: Yes.
Him: Okay....
Him: Are you going to give me some?
Me: Give you some what?
Him: Skittles, I asked you for some skittles...
Me: Oh yeah.. sorry here *gives skittles*
Me: *Continues day dreaming*
Reality Ruins My Life...
Him: Soo what you wanna talk about? :)
Me: How amazing you are❤
Him: Well that's hard to do cause you're more amazing than me babe ❤
Me: I wish...
Him: You are you always know how to make me smile, you're sooo nice and beautiful I love you soo much ;)
*Logs on Facebook 20 notifications, 5 new messages, 3 friend request*
*Logs on Witty 102 new notifications*
*Logs on Twitter 50 new followers, 25 fav's*
*Logs on Instagram 40 new followers, 78 new likes*
*Logs on Facebook, one new message from stalker*
*Logs on Witty 1 Fave*
*Logs on Twitter no notifications*
*Logs on Instagram 2 likes*
*Thoughts on me liking my best friend*
Me: I don't like him!! He's my best friend!
Me: It would be awkward right..?
Me: We've always had a thing though...
Me: But I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship...
Me: But I love how I feel when i'm around him...
Me: But that's what best friends do right?
Me: I don't like him, I CANT like him.
Me: Aww crap I think I like him..
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