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Hey my names Jenessa. I love smiling & listening to my music. I love one direction!! I'm a 15 year old girl who has guy problems :) usually always in a mood to cheer people up! Always here if you need to vent. Follow me & i'll follow back. Follow my best friends arose15 & bri321dancer crazy13! Taken<3 

Quotes by Jen07676

I'm invisible to the guy i like... Anyone else?
i'm lucky to have my best friend Ally❤ Go follow arose15
Best Friend: Nm organizing my unicorns in rainbow order
Me: I did that yesterday 
Best Friend: Me too but they got into the sugar when I was making cookies this morning so they're really hyper and keep rearranging themselves..
Me: Omg mine do that all the time!! So I chained them to my bed this morning 

This is why she's my best friend❤
*About to go to bed*
*Logs on to witty*
*Looks through some quotes & types in account name of best friend*
*Scrolls through her quotes and stops at one about me*
*Realizes how much she means to me*
Do you have a best friend? I do arose15 go follow her she's the best friend I could ever ask for. She's not just a witty best friend, we go to the same school and we do everything together. She's just so beautiful. I am so thankful to have you Ally. I love you❤
That moment... when you realized you're screwed because you like your best friend.
My life:
Wake up
think about him
eat food
think about him
go to school
think about him
wish you were home
think about him
in class
think about him
leave school
think about him
go on facebook
think about him
do homework
think about him
eat more
think about him
get ready for bed
think about him
go to sleep
dream about him
Want to no a difficult position?
Watching you're girl best friend... dance with your guy best friend... (the guy you've had feelings for, for 3 years) and pretending like it doesn't bother you.
I don't know what to do! :/
While you're all eating food and being thankful. I will be spending time with my dad for his 52nd birthday! Happy birthday Dad! i love you! Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!


You started singing Gangnam Style didn't you?
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