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Hey Peoples!
Tha' Names JoElla Moody
My age:15
My Grade:10th -Sophomore-
My life:Confusing/Crazy

Don't Judge me unless you know me.
Don't know me?.
Change that
Then you can


Quotes by JoElla2016

.Some things are just temporary but a memories will last forever.
Girls needa stop editing their pictures so much.
What if you go missing, how are we supposed to find you if you look like beyonce on facebook
and waka flocka in real life.
My Summer is so boring...
Anybody else haveing a boring summer?
 Guess who watched 
Monster University
This girl(;

he might make her cry, but nobody can make her smile like he does, he might make her mad, but nobody can make her laugh like he does, he might stress her out, but no one makes her happier than he does, although it may feel like the right thing to do is leave him, it just feels so wrong without him, because nothing makes sence. Nothin' feels the way its supposed too, nothin' feels right, but with him, its something she cant explain, although it feels like hell when they argue, when they're gettin' along, it feels perfect.. ♥

this is what i felt but i was wrong and left him...i miss him.. i miss his stupid jokes..the way he smiled..the way he picked on me..even the way we fight..I just miss him... 
Well Its that time of the month...
Point---> Blank___ PERIOD .
Comment You Name And I'll tell you what name goes good with yours(:

Will Do All!
Hes so..

Music gives a soul to the Universe,
Wings to the mind,
Flight to the imagination,
And life to everything..