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I miss the old witty
"How can we turn it back?"

When i hold doors for people
Adults:Thank you
Old people:why,thank you.You're so kind.Everyone look at this young lady helping out the community.Whoo, this generation is so polite and kind.I would play bingo with this young lady any day.GOD bless your beautiful soul

At the end of the Victoria Secret fashion show
they played "born this way."

last time i checked you can't be born with fake boobs...

And who else...

Has a parent who always asks how you did on a quiz,
The day you take it?

Seriously... did the teachers actually grade that fast when they were kids?



There are two reasons people 

   don't talk about something 
   Either it means nothing 
   or it means everything.♥

That scarmomenwhen
                                    you put a ring on your finger and you cant take it off.

What if oxygen makes our voice deeper,

and helium just makes it normal?


walking into school looking totally hot 
but feeling uncomfortable because you normally don't dress that way

Apple and Blackberry should team up  

 and make a phone called the