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Random Song lyrics
There's a really big world at your finger tips and you know you have the chance to change it

All about me
Hii there =] You have somehow stumbled upon the profile of one of the most.... interesting girls you'll meet. My name is Swann, like the bird but with 2 n's. If you ask me if that's my real name i will bite you. It is my real name 100% and if you don't believe me, well that's a shame. I live in PA  and  I'm 15. My birthday is november 22. feel free to get me a gift ;P they are always welcome ;D  You may notice i don't have a picture of me on my profile. there never has been and never will be. my appearance is not important. judge me on my personality instead for a change. I dislike many people. I'm just not a people person. My family has gone through a lot the past year and a half and i'm lucky i still have some of my sanity left. I honestly don't care what you think of me. you 12 year olds think you're so tough behind a computer screen. it actually makes me laugh when you try to fight me.   feel free to leave me a comment; but i hate small talk so if u think ur gonna have a convo where we just write smileys back and forth ur sadly mistaken. but anything else is fine. As you can tell from my profile picture, i love to dance. It's my escape from everything. Reading is my second escape though.   so i'm just gonna shut up now before u get bored (if not already) but if u have any further questions feel free to ask. I have nothing to hide.
ps. this layout was created by randomrequests and was slightly altered by me to make it more swanntastic XP so most of the credit goes to her)

This bunny was toooo cute to delete from my profile. so he stays =]

Bunny with pancake on head



  I was not put on this world to please anyone but myself.
 click here to visit my shared format account. I don't come on witty to socialize. there are a few select wittians who mean the world to me (you can see them below). you can comment me if you'd like but, unless you're my really close friend, i honestly don't wanna hear you complain. i wasn't hired to listen to people whine, therefore, i'm not going to. if you're that upset, writting it on witty won't help and i recomend you see a therapist or something. i may sound like a heartless biitch, and if tht's what you think of me than fine, but i'm really not. i hate people. my best friend is my dog. I have a burn book of everyone whose ever upset me (even from the internet) and on my very last day of high school i plan to burn every page and finally move on with my life. I can't wait for that day to come. okay so get to know me? and if you can tolerate me and i can tolerate you maybe we can become friends? XX

my best friends!--  

Quotes by JustWaiting

I am thankful
-For the taxes my family pays
     Because it means they have a job.
-For the mess I have to clean up after a party
     Because it means I have been surrounded by friends.
-For the clothes that fit too snug
     Because it means I have enough to eat.
-For my shadow who watches me
     Because it means I'm in sunshine.
-For the lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, and a gutter that needs fixing
     Because it means I have a home.
-For all the complaining I hear about the government
     Because it means we have freedom of speech.
-For the spot all the way at the end of the parking lot
     Because it means i'm capable of walking.
-For the huge heating bill
     Because it means my family is warm.
-For my sister who loves to sing loudly and off-key
     Because it means I can hear.
-For aching muscels at the end of the day
     Because it means I've been productive.
-For getting too many e-mails
     Because I know my friends are thinking of me.
you're the fruit to my loop
you're the french to my fry
you're the blue to my berry
you're the apple to my pie

you're the peanut to my butter

you're the chocolate to my cake
you're the star to my burst
you're the milk to my shake

you're the hershey to my kiss
you're the chips to my dip
you're the cheese to my burger
you're the carrot to my sticks

you're the milky to my way
you're the ice to my cream
you're the Ben to my Jerry's
you're the Jelly to my bean.

Food. You're always there for me when he's not.

don't always have a hapy ending
do they?
There are 24 hours in a day
I spend 7 hours a day in school.
then you're expected to do extra curicular clubs. so add an hour.
not to mention all the sports you're expected to do. add 2 hours.
now we're up to 10 hours.
my school also requires volenteer work. add 3 hours.
and don't forget to eat dinner to make ur body healthy! add 1 hour.
up to 14 hours already. 
of course we have to make time to showewer, shave, and make ourselves look presentable, so lets add an hour for being girls.
and of course we can't forget about homework. i usually get around 2 hours a night.
my health teacher always says that being a teenager, we should spend some time with friends, family, and alone time. so i'll add 2 hours for all of the above.
a healthy teenager should get around 8 hours of sleep a night.

I'm at 27 hours.
in a 24 hour day.

being a teenager stinks. 
You may say my problems are fake
But you can't say my tears aren't real




*Sigh* i wish i was as tall as you.


Why? i wish i could be shorter!
Ugh plus you're blonde! i wish i was blonde.


Are you kidding? i would give anything to be brunette!


Brunette is so out. but you know what's in? straight hair! ugh i wish i had straight hair!


Straight hair is so boring! i wish I had curly hair like yours!
It's too hard to maintain! just like my boobs. ugh. i wish they were smaller so just once some guy wouldn't be staring.


you're kidding right? I wish i could get a little attention once in a while. A cups are no fun!


The grass is always greener on the other side


sometimes I wonder who I wanna be
but in the end, it's always me

Don't judge a quote by its format.

To Me:
Fall doesn't start on September 22
It starts when school starts.
Winter doesn't start on December 21
It starts when the first snow falls.
Spring doesn't start on March 20
It starts the first day I can wear shorts without being cold
Summer doesn't start on June 20
It starts as soon as I walk out the school doors for the last time.


That depressing moment when

You're shopping for school supplies and realize you don't need crayons anymore.