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&it hurts me to say that i 
///want you to stay///
& it might be
/ / / alright / / /
if you go
I swear, sometime soon,
Things will start looking up for you
ap world history more like no thanks
need more music... what are all of your favourite bands?
that awkward moment in health when theyre talking about stuff like depression and theyre listing out symptoms and its basically describing your whole life
Feelin So Easy,
Make Me Skin And Bones
Im Always On My Knees For You
I like to dip my fries in the blood of my enemies ketchup its so delicious
theres a 2 hour delay at my school and im sitting here by myself with 2 kids i dont know cuz no one told me but hey on the bright side class should be starting now and it isnt turn up
so i just tested this and apparently at my school you can go on pro ed/sh/suicide websites and lots of other websites that just shouldnt be gone on especially in school but we cant go on facebook like yeah okay