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I'm just me.
Yup. Pretty Boring.

First off, Avril Lavigne inspires me.
I don't know what I'd do without her music.
Must Knows;
*I blow out the candles on Oct.23
*Last year of Junior High. (8thGrade!)
*I'm a self-conscious person..
*I've been told i give pretty good advice!
*I loveee making new friends, so hmu! ;)
I think an unspoken fact would be that I love Avril Lavigne. ;)

That's all. Wanna know more? Talk to me.
We can be best friends ;)

Anything but ordinary, please. - Avril♥

Kitkat98's Favorite Quotes

Tell me was it worth it?
||||||||||||||||||                                                                                                                                    WE WERE SO PERFECT.


Plot Twist: Flo from Progressive is in a realtionship with Jake from State Farm

Extra Plot Twist: Their child is Mayhem from Allstate                                            

 If I treated you how you treated me,
                     YOU  WOULD HATE ME.  




 The Heart Project
Each colour represents a different thing
Comment yours

Blue - Depression

Red - Self harm

Green - Eating disorder 

Orange - Sucicidal

Purple - Anxiety 

Yellow - Recovering 

White - Recovered 

Black Out Line - Need help

Draw the colour heart of which you are on your wrist 



So this guy was trying to hit on this girl in my class today and this happened.

Douche: HEY
Girl: What?
Douche: You know, there should be a warning sign on my d!ck
Girl: Excuse me?
Douche: Yeah, it should say choking hazard. lol *Hi fives bros*
Girl: Isn't that a label they put on small objects?

That girl just happened to be me. 

of course gay men dress well.
they didn't spend all that time in the closet doing nothing.

what society thinks girls dream of:
good morning, beautiful<3(:

what we really dream of:
you have this disease where you can eat anything you wnat and not gain a pound.

why are all social sites blue?
because it’s the color of the sky and we never go out to see it.

This quote does not exist.