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You see me from the outside
But you don't judge me from the inside.

I'm in love.

Quotes by Kizzie29

I just want to die. My parents have given up on me, they dont listen to any cry for help I have. My friends make jokes about me being fat or weird or dumb and that no body likes me. It's all laughs and jokes then but its not when I come home and I'm faced with the blade.
And then what.What's after self harm?Suicide. So guess where I'm headed.
We had prize giving last night
And someone did the Gangnam Style dance on the stage while collecting their prize
My logic:

Mom has guests round?
Me: Better stay in my room and be anti social

You call that a kiss?

- H
I can't do this anymore
No one to talk to
Nobody cares.
I'm so scared and I just don't know what to do.
I want the pain to end.
Me: *Answers question in class*
Me: *Gets answer wrong*
I am never speaking in class again.
Whoever can get me to 300 followers first
Is going to get their notifications blown up, a comment, and a follow back.
Write the first thing that comes to mind.
1 Hello: Hello
2 Love: Family
3 Cow: Beef
4 Peace: Impossible
5 Sky: Sunny
6 Mr. Big: Idk
7 Horror: School

Answer with only one word.
1 You are a: Belieber
2 You drink: Water
3 Your first kiss: None
4 Where are you: House
5 You like love: Him
6 Hate is: Wrong
7 Love is: Indestructable
8 You dream of: Everyone
9 You can’t spell: Love.
10 Your favourite color is: PURPLE. (and yellow)

Answer either yes or no. No “maybes” allowed.
1 You like love a boy/girl: Yes.
2 You would kiss someone for $10: No
3 You’re addicted to facebook:  No
4 You’re addicted to notes: No
5 Pink looks nice on guys: Yes
6 You can keep a secret: Yes
7 Do you have any siblings: Yes
8 You know what an asterisk is: No.
9 You dye your hair: No

Write the first thing each colour makes you think of.
1 Red: Anger
2 Green: Trees.
3 Teal: Ocean
4 Maroon: Moooveess Like Jagger.
5 Silver: the moon.
6 Brown: My skin xD
7 White: Snow
8 Peachy: Peaches
9.Yellow: Lady gaga's hair.
10 Purple: My blood (only beliebers will get this)
Why am I always the one who comes last?

The one who's never pretty enough.
The one who doesn't get the best grades.
The one who hasn't got the nicest clothes.
The one who cries herself to sleep.

Be Truthful
A - Available? Of course

B - Birthday? Feb 29th
C - Crushing on? Yes. But I need to forget about him :(
D - Drink you last had? Orange juice.
E - Easiest person to talk to? My parents, sister and nan.
F - Favorite song? Hard one, aha. Maybe Happy by leona lewis because it describes my life.
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? Neither. ew.
H - Hometown? Birmingham, England.
I - In love with? The guy of my dreams.
J - Jealous of? Everyone who doesnt have to force a smile
K - Killed someone? No siree.
L - Longest car ride? When we got lost on the way up to London, It was a disaster.
M - Milkshake flavor? Vanilla
N - Number of siblings? 1.
O - One wish? To bring my nan back. That would make everyone happy again.
P - Person you texted last? Gina.
Q - Question you are always asked? Where are you from? Why do you look so Mexican? Are you okay?
R - Reason to smile? Amazing family, great friends, and the fact I have air in my lungs.
S - Song you last listened to? Gangnam Style.
T - Time you woke up? 12:10.
U - Underwear color? Leapard print.
V - Violent moment you had? When I threw the TV remote at my sister's nose.
W - Worst habit? Squeezing spots, biting my nails, plaiting my hair when I'm bored.
X - X-rays you had? None.
Y - Yoyos are? For kiddies.
Z - Zodiac sign? Picses. (is that how you spell it?)
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