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LCostello's Favorite Quotes

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You get less action than a white crayon.



eing single

doesn't necessarily mean

you're available.
Sometimes you have to put up a sign that says,


on your heart.

-wiz khalifa


Dear Sleep,

I am sorry I hated you when I was a little kid! I was too immature to understand true love. I savor every moment with you. Forgive me?

Sincerely, A Sleepy Teenager ♥


I shall call you squishy
AND YOU SHALL BE MINE            ♥ ♥ ♥

Dear Witty,

If I get over 200 fave's...
I'll tell him how I feel face to face, then ask him out. No jokes.

Thanks Witty.


Girl hacks friends Facebook:

"oh J e s i c c a  i s  t h e  b e s t  f r i e n d  e v e r  I  l o v e  h e r  s o  m u c h  b e s t i e s  f o r  l i f e! ! !"

Boy hacks  friends Facebook:

"im gay"


Random Fact #2:
97% of all paper money
in the US contains
traces of cocaine

should I keep going?(: