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 I don't really use this much anymore, I'm getting old for the website.

My name is Hannah, I used to call myself Lauren because I didn't want people to know my real name.
I love Anime and kpop and anything foreign.
I'm studying media and film at college and I'm planning to be a radio presenter and a voice actor in the future.

You're all beautiful (:

Quotes by LauzHeys

For my friend's 18th birthday I've bought her 50 shades of grey, I've told my other friends and when she asked my other friend for a hint he said "It's long and detailed" 

I laughed so much.
Someone posts about their quote not being beautiful so no one would fave it.... it gets many faves.
So everyone else decides to do that to get faves.

Wow okay.
Thieves make off with five tons of Nutella in chocolate-hazelnut heist worth more than $20,000.

This is actually a headline, no joke.
Homosexuality present in over 1500 species.
Homophobia present in one.

Can you guess which one?
Hey everyone I would love it if you looked at this picture and tell me if this is bullying or not
Can we stop the whole gay marriage argument?
It's tearing witty apart again!
a bisexual pop group called Both Directions
a pansexual pop group called All Directions
an asexual pop group called No Directions
a questioning pop group called Which Direction
a helpful pop group called That Direction
a lost pop group called Can I Have Directions
a married pop group called Dammit Why Won’t You Just Ask For Directions
I saw this on facebook.

The picture said "It doesn't matter what she did. It's never okay to hit a woman ever!!!"
And the reply was amazing.

This person said:
I Disagree.
Like If you believe that women are really equal to men, then it follows that any appropriate reason to hit a man is also an appropriate reason to hit a woman. There aren't a LOT of appropriate reasons to hit anyone, but having a v/gina doesn't make you magically a fragile creature that can't deal with being punched just the same as a man.
Woman pulls a knife of you? Knock her the f/ck out. Feminism.
I miss you already, MCR </3