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So for some reason, my chapters aren't posting! They aren't even posting as 'click here to see this quote.' I'm up to chapter 7 already, but it won't show up on witty! I apologize.
If I were to continue this story on wattpad, would you guys still read it? Of course, I have to make a wattpad account, but still.
Once again, I'm so sorry to all my readers. 
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Chapter 1
"Attention passengers, our flight will be landing shortly. Please turn off all electronics, and again, thank you for choosing our airline." the pilot said over the intercom. I turned off my iPhone and put it in my pocket, then glanced out the window.
It was raining, but I kind of expected it to be.
The pilot was right, our flight landed shortly after. 
I got off the plane and made my way to the baggage claim.
When I turned my phone on again, my aunt had sent me a message that said she got called into work and sent the car for me.
Once I had my two suitcases and duffel bag, I spotted a driver in a suit holding a sign that had my last name on it.
I walked over and he took my bags, then led me to the car. 
It turns out my aunt actually has her own driver.
Apparently, she's engaged to this big time music manager. 
He just so happens to be the manager of a super famous band. 
I don't know the name though. That's all the driver told me. 
When we got back to the house, he said he would bring my bags for me. I thanked him and walked in the house. 
I went to turn a light on, and when I did, a whole bunch of people jumped out and shouted 'suprise!' That I was. 
"Auntie Megan, hi!" I said, once I found her in the crowd. 
She was the only person I recognized. There were a few people my age there, some people a few years older than me, and people who must have been friends with my aunt and her fiancee. 
"What is all this?" I asked, looking around the room. 
"It's a welcome party! There's a few people I want you to meet. This is Josh, my fiancee." she said, and he shook my hand. 
"Okay, let's go over and meet some people your age." she said. 
We walked over to a group of five boys talking to each other. 
"Okay guys, this is her! Laura, this is the band Josh manages." she said. There was a blonde, a boy with dark brown hair, one with a sort of buzz cut, one with curly hair, and another with light brown hair. They all smiled and greeted me. 
"Okay boys, have fun tonight. I'm going to steal Laura for a while, if you don't mind." she said, and led me to the kitchen. 
"They're cute." I said, wiggling my eyebrows. 
"I thought you would say that. You can't date any of them. I don't even want you hanging out with them. Your father sent you here to get you back on track, and hanging around with teenage boys will not do that. However, you having a job will do that. Unfortunately, the only job that Josh could get you was to be the personal assistant to the boys. So that's what you're going to do." she said. 
"So you don't want me hanging out with them, but I have to spend every day with them?" I asked, confused. 
"Just don't get too close to them, okay?" she asked.
"Sure. I'll keep my distance." I responded, and she smiled. 
I don't want to though. I already had my eye on one of them. The boy with the curly hair, he was cute. He looked like he might have a reputation as well. So there's no way I'm staying away from him.
So I know their manager's name isn't Josh, I just made that up. 
Thank you for all the support! 


"I've told you multiple times, I'm NOT going to college. You can't make me." I yelled at my father. 
"Laura, please. Calm down. You need to do something with your life. You just graduated high school, go out and find a job or something!" he said, and I could tell he was on the verge of begging. 
"No Dad. I'm young. I have my whole life to get a job. Can't I just take a year off and have fun?" I asked, trying to reason with him. Which was not easy. 
"No. You've been having way too much fun lately. You're spiraling out of control. You used to be such a good girl. You had great grades, good friends, and a bright future ahead of you. But now you just barely passed your senior year and you're out every night until 2 am. This needs to stop." He replied sternly. 
"What are you gonna do? Send me to reform school?" 
"No. But you can't stay here. So I'm sending you to live with your Aunt Megan." he responded. 
"You really think that's going to help? You're sending your 'out of control' daughter to go live with her young and fun aunt? What's that going to teach me?" I asked, not sure why he thought it was a good idea. 
"She and I have discussed this, and we both think it's a good idea. She wants to help you get back on track."
"Dad, I never was off track. You can't just make me move. That's totally not fair." I told him. 
"You have to do whatever I say until you're eighteen, which isn't for another month. So you're going to move to London. At the end of this week. That's final." he said, walking out of the house and slamming the door after him. I should be the one walking out. 
This was so not cool. I have not been 'spiraling out of control.' I mean sure, I like to go to parties, and sometimes I drink, but I'm a teenager. It's what we do. 
My name's Laura Anderson, and I'm seventeen years old. But I only have another month until I'm eighteen and can do whatever I want. Which doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. 
I know my dad cares about me and only wants the best for me. But lately he's been so uptight that it's hard to have a real conversation with him. He's been through a lot this year, with my mother's death and all. Which is why I didn't put up that much of a fight with him when he told me I was moving. I just hope he realizes that I'm not going to change. He can send me to Antarctica for all I care, I'm gonna come back to America the same way I left it. 
As a wild child.
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hi guys.
im not going to write stories on here anymore. 
i dont have time and i've been getting hate recently. 
im really sorry, i just need a break. 
Phoebe taught me that it's okay to be a little crazy
Rachel taught me it's okay to be a little materialistic as long as I'm a good person
Monica taught me it's okay to control specific details of my life
Ross taught me it's okay to embrace my inner nerd.
Joey taught me it's okay to show my sensitive side
Chandler taught me it's okay to laugh at myself
As a whole, they taught me that all these little things combine to make one big, beautiful thing.  

(not my quote, saw it on tumblr but loved it)