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Quotes by Bec*

lights surround the imperturbable fortress in the gloom of the glacial night

eyes pierce through the dark and into your soul as your hands wrap around a secret affair

your mind races and your heart palpitates and raises into your closing throat

their hands as cold as ice, interlace with yours as your nerves combust and release mist into the night

the lights dim

your eyes strain to focus

you're brushing up against monsters of the night

you start to lose your way

your mind spins into iniquity 

the hand you once held has long since vanished

your body is numb

is this what love is like?
I thought i was yours forever
i guess i was mistaken
will you wait for me darling?
before we go, will you hold my hand?
will you cross your heart and hope to die?
even if i go first and you move on i will always wait for you.
for the touch of your hand
the smell of you hair
your voice in my ears
even if the stars burn out and the heavens come crashing down
i will stand here 
and wait
the thing that suprises me the most is the way that you smile.

you smile like you mean it yet you say the opposite.

Your eyes speak the truth but your mind does not follow.

your ears listen intently as you wait for my voice to echo from the depths.

but your heart. your heart will always remain with me for ever how long it may take for you to find it again and become whole. 

a man like you should be more common in the world. more should look up to you, your courage and your bravery. your selflessness and your trust. your anecdotes  should be told forever. your breath should be felt on the skin of many other girls. i think that my idea of love and anything relating to it always comes back to you. i think that you should always stay because no matter how hard i try to run. you'll always keep pace. even if i moved across the world i know you'd follow me. and one day my bones will become weak and my skin will start to wither with age, i will slow to a stop and i will look behind. i will reach to you and pull you near and then you'll know that your love and legs can rest in the same place.
the way that some look at their lovers is the way i long to be looked at.

but i am scared
not only for my heart
but my soul
i'm scared that i will fall apart and i won't make it
i'm scared that you'll leave me bleeding all of this love for you
i'm scared i will be afraid to love again
i will lay for days and days on the floor drinking and nothing more
i'm scared that one day your note is the only thing that will keep me up at night
i'm scared that one day ..... i simply won't go on

you can't always decide to take me off of your shelves and open me up like a book. i won't be the same as what i once was. i will be creased and withered. i will be old and dusty. my pages will fall out and rip. my color will fade and my words will simply mean nothing. i'll become the one that sits at the back of the shelf waiting to be opened only to fall aprt in your hands.

the colors of the sunset have always suprised me

they seem so unreal yet there they sit before you

it's kind of like someone you love

you don't believe they're real as they sit infront of you

so you touch them in order to make sure they're there

too bad you can't do that with sunsets.

people talk about love like it's easy
love isn't easy
love is like having the wind knocked out of you
love is like having your arm broken over and over again
love is like stepping on pieces of lego
love is like trying to take a picture only to find the battery dead.

love is a blank canvas. your heart and soul paint a picture hoping that someone will come along and paint the picture with you.

then once the pictures complete all they leave behind is their name. 

- the modern day artist paints with nothing but the love of others
it seems that on a cold september night i fell in love with a stranger on the stairs of an unfamiliar place with cold air sweeping at my hair.

it seems that after three months i have fallen in love with this stranger in more places than just the stairs.

it seems that after a year i have loved this stranger in more places than i could count.

it seems that after a year and six months all of my questions have been answered. all i have to do is answer one.

it seems that after three years of loving this stranger i can now sit close to him without my anxiety levels rising.

it seems like today, today i can kiss all my fears away.

- How to trust a stranger in more than one place