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"Shes already found her people, at the bookstore!" -Amy, Grace and I
"She sells people" -My sister, Audrey
"Hun-ger Games mu-sic" -Amy and Grace and I (Mostly Grace, gotta give her credit)
"Up in here, up in there!" -Amy and Grace and I
"Putty.... No! Wait! Putty..... Not..... No..... Putty...."-Amy, Grace and I
"We'd.... We'd like some ice cream"-Putty (Hey, it was pretty funny, gotta give him credit)
"Whats the current going to be? I need to know how mant weights I'm going to need." - Jamie (I know, James)
"It's colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra!" - The Barrel
"The wind might have something to do with it" - The Barrel
"Audrey, don't ever wish anybody dead, although, I did one time, and it worked......" -The Barrel

^ I love this kid, he's the best < 3 Check this website out, it would mean the world to me
The word makes me cringe.
Ethan is inoccent.
Find a cure, for Ethan < 3

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mol* 1 decade ago
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Hello, ummm. I think you left, but still. I just was going through comments and you really do mean a lot to me! You might not remember me, given the fact I don't really remember you, but I just wanted to say thank you for everything
OWLSandSPONGEBOBequalLIFE 1 decade ago
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I dont think you realize how much you mean to me.
You mean so much to me.
If you're wondering why I'm writing this on this account and not your other one like the other times I left you messages.. I just.. I dont want anyone to see this one..
Since you've gone,I've read through this folder that I made hwne we were together of the love letter you wrote me adorable comments.
They make me cry. They hurt my heart.
I just want yo back.. thats all I'm asking.. is that so hard?
I hate this.
You always made me giggle,laugh and smile like a freak, even after we brokeup.
i was utterly in love with you.
I adore you.
I was heart broken when you cheated on me.
I cut a lot.. sobbed for hours.
And.. theres still a part of me that feels the exact same way.
Theres a part of me that will always be in love with you.
And to tell you the truth.. I lied to meg the day you asked her out.
She had asked me if it was okay with me. I said sure.
She asked me if it woulld hurt me,I said no.
Secretly,I was breaking down all night.
Cause then, it hit me that I wasnt getting you back.
That any feelings you had had for me when we were together were officially gona.
And that hurt so bad.. I loved you so much.. you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me... I never believed you.. it was smart of me not to.
I also didnt believe you when you said you wouldnt break up with me.
Which,technically, you never did. You just cheated on me.
I talked to Amy a few times, she had once told me that you woukdnt break up with me, I didnt believe her.
She knew I didnt believe her so she told me you wouldnt.
I asked her why she would say that.
She said becuse of the look you got inyour eye when you would talk about me.
That made me smile.
Remember those little messages you would always leave me before school?
Where you would alwasy tell me to hav a good day,and that you loved me.
I loved those messages.
I always looked forward to them.
There was something I had wanted to tell you...
Oh yeah!
Remember when Chris had done his whole bullshiit with me?
And you had something about being in the list of people who hurt me.
I said you werent.
Well, that was a lie.
You did hurt me.
You hurt me a lot.
I could feel actual pain in my heart when I had found out what happened.. I just loved you so much.
The pain would have been a lot less if you had broken up with me first.. but I dont blame you. If you love someone, you cant help loving them. You control in whom your love is for.
I know you love me, I knwo you've always loved me, and I know that your love for me has changed, from friends, to more than friends, to dating, to friends again, and then to really close friends. And... that was an interesting journey.. we almost made it to 6 months.. love you so much, thank you for teaching me what it feels liek to really be loved < 33
April 18th 2012.
The day my world changed.
I`ll never forget you.
I`ll never forget that day.
I plan on visiting you when I graduate.
Sound alright with you?
Remember when you had planned out a whole day for us to do when we met? You said you would take me to the zoo,since I love zoo`s,and we could have icecream, and then go back to your house,a nd watch movies on the couch and cuddle, and you said you wanted to sleep with me, not , bt just fall asleep together, just sweet, blissful sleeping.
I love you so much< 333
JamesWitty 1 decade ago
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Hello dude,
aguilar103 1 decade ago
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Aye; have a great day :D ♥
mol* 1 decade ago
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hello darling, miss you! i stopped using this witty and i made a new secret one:P wanna know it? smile_for_the_secure
omg she is like, ugh so amazing. its amazing. shes beautiful, funny, smart, just kidding. its me:P hahah byee puppy cakes;)
(i have never called anyone puppy cake before:P)
Bleeding_Roses 1 decade ago
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We havn't talking in a while, I miss you so much. :(
DespicableMe 1 decade ago
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follow for a follow? :)
DespicableMe 1 decade ago
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aw i just saw that you commented "thanks beautiful" on my profile! made my day :)
suicideemo14 1 decade ago
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Hi, I'm glad you're okay, i was praying for you.. To be safe, I just wanted to tell youu that..
AllieCatt 1 decade ago
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Hii(: Im Allie and you seem sweet(: Im new to witty and i wanna make how are you? (:
fungirl 1 decade ago
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Amieelovebrandon21 1 decade ago
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xociarraxo 1 decade ago
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hello ;)
Cookiesareyummyx3 1 decade ago
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heeey (:
i'm alright. ;o
cheergurl97 1 decade ago
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JesusFreak229 1 decade ago
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Your welcome!! So how are you!
SportsLover004 1 decade ago
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aw haha:-)
randi* 1 decade ago
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Heeey Lukeee:)
imnotstronganymore 1 decade ago
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Sometimes I think it isn't.. but when classmates constantly say I'm ugly or I'm fat I believe it.. idk.
keepcalmandfindGod 1 decade ago
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dude, i honestly have soo many arguments for you, but im not gonna do that.
if i offended you, i apologize. but my opinion is not going to change no matter what....and i see neither is yours.