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Missing you more than you know...
   I would just like for everyone to read this is try to understand...please. A couple of weeks ago I was forced to block the one I love on several things cause of drama from people who blamed me for what happened. Most likely the one I love and you all know who I am talking about will be reading this. I guess I just want to let everyone know that I didn't do it cause I didn't care or that I didn't want to talk to him, I did it cause I was at my lowest, feeling so low and alone without the one I called my other half, I tried to run from it all...that didn't work he stayed on my thoughts and rocked my dreams and I cried over him so many times I have lost count. I thought running from it all would only made it worse, made me feel like I was even more alone...cause it seemed that no one around me could see or understand why I felt the way I did...all they saw was that he wasn't best for me in their eyes...when I felt was pure love from him in my heart. I know for a whole I won't be able to fix things with him or the people around him who think of me as a terrible person, I don't blame them on some cases...anyways..I guess in the end what I really wish to say is this. I do love you still, and you are still in my mind always...I am so very sorry...
You never really know how much you needed someone...until they are gone. If they come back cherish them forever.
"If you love it, let it go...If it returns to you, it was meant to be yours..." This has been proven in my life. LyriLu♥
In my thoughts, in my heart, in every beat of my will remain there..
Breath taking cold, bone chilling wind....
Warm breakfast, tummy filling food.
It was worth it.
If evolution wasn't very nice to someone, you will know it...Cause they will swear it isn't real..
Dreams can come true...
If only your mom would let you sleep to the good part.

I'm Lu.
I am perfect and amazing and just adorable.
Lyric is so lucky he's with me. I mean c'mon. Just look at me
But you know what
You're all perfect too

This year was great
I mean I'm great, you're great. Let's all be great together
I hope your greatest wishes come true this next year
Because mine already have.
Love you all.

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