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We all need something to believe in. Something eternal and wonderful, that is far greater than poems and
pictures and even the stars. Something to give us hope. Call it religion, call it lunacy, or call it
Whatever you name it, have faith in it.

Music is the definition of a teenager's life. It can take our emotions--our mixed up and senseless words--add a
tune, and create something beautiful. It perfectly describes him, makes us feel unstoppable, and lets us be us.
Most importantly, it reminds us that we're not alone.

Smile Everyone! Be HAPPY!!! Life is too short to be worrying. So have some fun and live it up! Make the best memories of your life and then make some more.



Quotes by MagicMusicMemories

You were everything that's
              bad for me
I'm crushed--black and blue

But you know I'd do it all again for you


When you love someone
and they break your heart:
don't give up on love;
have faith, restart.

Just. Hold. On.


This isn't love;
              this is

pure torment.


You can plan for a change in
weather and time,
But I never planned on you

                     changing your mind.


It was
I was there,
I remember it--
              all too well


When it rains,


For never was a story
  of more woe,
                                         Than this of
J uliet and her R omeo


but then again----
                   I'm not

I'm not a very religious person,
but I went to church this past weekend with
my family. In the Gospel, Jesus wept over the
death of his friend, Lazarus. 
And during the 
homily, the priest explained that Jesus wept
because he was human,

and humans weep for the ones we love.