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Car Enthusiast.

Make no mistake, music and animals are the only reason I am still around.



Quotes by MaxieTofu

 All I ever will be an an object of desire, until you actually acquire me. Then you see my soul is a heavy bourden to bare, one which none desire when it's 4am and the world is a little bit too heavy.
No, unless it's the 4am where you crave my body and I willingly give myself to you in the only way you'll have me, you don't desire it.


 And all you do is abuse the fact that I'm always around for you. Waiting for a message, a chance to hang out.

 It's pathetic that i just drop everything for you, but it's never returned.

 I have never felt more alone.

 The worst part is, I have split so badly that nothing matters anymore. I feel nothing, I can't attach to anyone and nothing feels real. Not even my closest friend.

 Having a favorite person is a literal death sentence.

 What you don't realize is just how badly I've split. I've never felt more alone and isolated from all those I hold dear whilst they move on through life without me just fine.

 I'm tired and I don't think I can keep doing this anymore.

 I can literally feel myself splitting and pushing people away.

 And just when I thought I could catch my breath, life was there to rip it from my lungs before it could even form.

Alike the words I wished I could scream out and ask for help, they were all hitched in my throat.

It will never truly be over and I will never be free of this pain, it's a never ending cycle.