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Quotes by Minnie16xo

If you have to fight,
punch first, and punch hard.
It's an addictive rush, it's a high
it's a desperate want to die.

It's a deep cut, it's an overdose on pills
it's the hope for happiness that kills.

It's a broken sould, it's a broken mind
it's a pleading wish for life to be kind.

It's a word with hidden meaning, it's a silent scream
it's a need for their life to be a dream.
A single day can change your life. 
It can change your views, your mentality,
it can give you a new vision of rationality.
A single hour can change your heart.
It can show you truth, compassion,
it can show you true admiration.
A single minute can change your ways.
It can show you true strength, true beauty,
it can show you what you could be.
A single second can save a life.
A quick "hello" or a look in the eye,
can make somone question if they really want to die.
They said that she had a good shot,
but her aim was too high.
She said "I'll make it work with what I've got,
I'm leaving a legacy when I die."
Be dedicated to yourself.

Where does your heart lay,
where does your mind roam?
What else have you got to say,
what do you want for a home?

Will you fight for what you want,
will you be dedicated to the cause?
Will you leave your dreams as a taunt,
or dance on the lines of moral laws?

Will you be dedicated to change your life,
will you be dedicated to make a difference?
Will you fight with every ounce of your might,
will you stand up to the heat of resistance?

Your marriage created me,
your divorce
destroyed me,
and my healing
corrupted me.

Your heart's locked up; protected,
no one can penetrate your walls.
Fighting to get in is addictive,
but no one can make this girl fall.
Everybody has regrets. 
Words we didn't say; things we didn't do,
but don't make me regret you, too. 
I want to run.
Run until I can't feel my heart in my chest,
run until I escape death.

I want to fly.
Fly until I can no longer feel the pain,
fly until I beat this malicious game.

I want to jump.
Jump off a cliff into rocky waters,
jump to no longer be a daughter.

I want to feel.
Feel the warm summer wind,
feel the last breath with which life ends.

I want to be free.
Be free from the horrors of this life, 
be free; because that is my right.

Oh sweet melody,
sweet tragedy,
look at what you've done to me.

The horror of gore,
what's it all for?
We break more and more