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Quotes by Mischief_Managed_

*Breathing heavily*
Are you going to eat that?
*Shaves my legs*
"Mom feel my legs!"
I would be a reasonably good girlfriend.
But really.
You want to go out with the guys?
That's cool I'll watch Mean Girls.
You want food?
I got you, I think I have some snacks in my bag. Oh look an entire cheese its box.
You wanna just chill around the house?
Sweet I'll make popcorn. Netflix is already up.
You're bored?
Hit me up, I'm probobly at the bookstore.
You killed somebody?
I know how to hide a body.

What do you mean we're not friends?
We follow each other.
Me: *Sings in the shower*
*Simon Cowell appears*
Simon: It's a no from me...
"I can fit 20 grapes in my mouth."
"I can fit 50 your a lil bi/ch come and fight me."
"3:00 you and me."
"Bring your own grapes."
Someone online: *Calls me cute*
Me: *Wiggles awkwardly*
Me: *Pulls hoodie drawstrings*
Me: *Scrunches down into down comforter*
Me: *Blushes for ten minutes*
Me: *Peeks out*
Me: No u.
What if you kicked the air
and your leg flew off?
How are all these 6 year olds at meet and greets and concerts and stuff?
My mom didn’t even take me to the park.
      You know I'll be
                                                 Your life

                                                your voice

                                           your reason to be

                                                 my love

                                               my heart

                                      is breathing for this

                                                in time

                                 I'll find the words to say

                               before you leave me today.

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