Status: i think its fair to say that ive found my soul mate, my bed and i...lets just say its a great relationship ;)
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   Heidi //15// Australia//<3
       i literally live for netball and dancing.
           i find peace most in singing, reading or writing .                                                       
                Lalalalove Musicals, especially the weird ones  
                   i am heavily into music <3
                                                        i have a wattpad account so if you want to read any of my stories; well feel free :D 
                                Let Me Begin Again:           

I also have a youtube account, so ya know if you want:                                  
I Will Always Love You:                       
Somebody that I Used To Know:
Someone Like You:                                 
Someone Like You ft my Sister:        
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Arms Of An Angel:                                   
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if you follow me i will follow you back <3                         
                                                                       Always and Forever MoniBird <3                               

Quotes by MoniBird

You know you're getting on when your birthday becomes just another day
and your family doesnt do anything to Celebrate it.
sometimes i swawr to god that i have absolutely no clue as to how to act with other girls my age

i have a group of "friends" at the moment and theres soo much f-in drama and i dont even like these girls so i do t know why im hanging out with them.

there was an incident where i had to completely embarress myself and tell this chick she was no longer invited to an event that we had planned. after i had done this they reinvited her anyways and i swear im about to slap a gal so hard her eyes come out her belly button.

anyways, daily rant over. so sorry to bother you

So i play netball at a really high level, and today our team won playing against a
team that had 10 players and were swapping players on and off every quarter.

....We were playing with 5 players...5

like i dont know how many of you play netball but THIS is BIG!!

*best mood ever*

I'm going to a party tonight...
Like an actual party with people and alcamahol and everything!!!

This is INSANNNEEE!!!!!!!!
Hey everyone :D

if you have a few spare seconds today and you want to listen to something 
it would mean alot to me if you could go to my profile and let me know what
you think of the song that plays?

Living Is To Difficult?
death is harder.
anyone who thinks it will be a sweet bliss
is sadly mistaken.

angels stand guard both up and down.
demons roam the heavens and the hells.
no matter where you end up,
there will be something there to destroy you.

why not live a life, with people
who care about you, even if you cant see it!
you need to remember who you are!
where you are! and the reason you were brought here!

if you were meant for up there, that's where you'd be now!
dont go there sooner than you need to
or your purpose won't be found in either world
Remember you're here to tell a story,

And no one likes reading an unfinished book...
Me: hmmm maybe it's time for some new friends. Kinda tired of my old ones.

Julia Gillard:...
Tom Cruise:...

Harry Potter:...
Human Race:...
Me: oh that's right i hate socializing
star shine on the wilted plane
writing to free the binding pain
along my wrist, the song shall go
swiftly, swiftly to and fro.
1. for the times you never came
2. for the times you caused me pain
3. because you will never stay
4. because I feel ashamed
5. for feeling so alone
6. for not being skin and bone
7. so you wont call my bluff
8. because I'm not pretty enough
9. for my stomach being less than tight
10. for thinking I could win this fight
just a piece of advice from my 10 year old sister :)
Dont wear your good undies during blood season ;)
Photo's are evidence of memories long gone,
Smiles and laughter roughly put on.
My face may be covered with sh)t from the stores,
But its only because i aim to adore
Every photo you see, every photo i take,
Is another old memory to add the the fake.
But keep this in mind as you follow on through,
In every picture you see theres a reflection of truth!