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I will be printing witty posters and posting them around.
Because this site deserves so much more<3

Quotes by Moth_Nebula

One of these days.

Someone is going to take a knife to all of their faces,
And cut off each eye lid,

So that the they will finnally see clearly.
And be able to look at what they have done.

But unforunately,
It will only be a matter of moments,
Before their eyes dry up,
And they go blind once again.
When flying alone
You must remember that there will be no one to catch you
When you fall

It's sad when someone leaves
It is even sadder when no one misses them

That's why I have to grieve for the forgotten
Lights should guide us in the darkness

But lately, we have only seen starless nights

So we must rely on the unpredictable wind
"Rain season is both a blessing and a curse"

"The water feeds our crops"

"But the cows get stuck in the mud and die"

"Kind of like life, no?"
It hurts to know how easy I can be replaced

She loved the garden,

The pretty flowers always greeted her with smiles
Her mother usually tended it,
But she liked to play in the dirt with her all the time,
And the smell was amazing

And she was safe
Just there with the flowers
And her mother

As she grew older,

She started to learn how to water the flowers,
Her mother still helped often,
But she liked to watch the flowers grow with her even in the small moment,
And the smell was still wonderful

And she was safe
Just there with the flowers
And her mother

Time passed,

She cared for the garden on her own,
Her mother no longer helped much
But she still liked watching the nice colored cups even alone,
And the smell was still confronting

And she was safe
Just there with the flowers

Not so long this time,

She didn't care for the garden anymore,
Her mother was never seen
But she still watched the flowers even as they died
And the smell wasn't very nice

But she was still safe

Sloppy, Sorry about that


Is what I am about people who continue to live each day
By all these people who keep pulling through
Despite what has happened to them in the past
Despite what nightmares might haunt them.

Yes.  am Impressed
But I am also Proud

and I'd like to tell everyone that

keeps creeping

Even when
they try
to smile and laugh
to talk and bond


Because even
if they talked like an angel
and shined like a star

They can never
pushing them away
Life is worthless

Not you